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Woodfords Training & Resource Center is committed to enhancing the knowledge and skills of professionals and family members through quality trainings that facilitate professional growth and personal development.


To enroll in a course, contact the Training Center. Please include your full name, course name, course dates and whether you are paying for the course as an individual or through your agency in your message.


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Advocacy - 2 hours - $50

This curriculum offers participants the opportunity to explore all aspects of family advocacy, including a history of service, judicial and legislative outcomes, rights of people served, mandated reporting, and people-first language.

Certified Residential Medication Aide (CRMA) - 24 hours - $225

This state approved course is required for direct support professionals who are responsible for the administration of medications. Discussion topics include regulations and procedures, effects of medications, precautions, handling and storage of medications, the rights and safety of clients, and documentation. Participants will learn safe, accurate, and appropriate methods of administering medications. Test scores are reported on the final day of the course. Participants are required to attend all scheduled classes. Additional Requirements for Participants: Must be 18 years of age or older, must possess a high school diploma or GED, must be currently employed by a facility where the class participant is able to complete the required medication passes.

CRMA Recertification Review - 3 hours - $45

This class will cover filling out a MAR sheet using doctors’ orders, a medication pass, a demonstration of vital sign skills and a general question and answer review in preparation for the CRMA Recertification class. The CRMA Recertification Review class is recommended for all students prior to taking the CRMA Recertification class.

CPR/First Aid (American Heart Association) - 4 hours - $75

The American Heart Association’s Heartsaver® First Aid/CPR/AED course uses a combination of video, lecture, and guided skills practice to teach participants to respond to cardiac and other health related emergency situations. Topics include basic first aid, response to environmental emergencies, warning signs of heart attack and stroke, CPR, and foreign object airway obstruction for adults, children and infants. Participants should plan to dress in comfortably fitting clothing that allows flexibility of movement, as the class includes both desk and floor work. Certification is valid for two years.

Documentation & Incident Reporting - 1.5 hours - $40

This course addresses guidelines for effective, professional and objective documentation. The class includes requirements for completing incident report forms on an agency and state level. Samples of effective reports and documents are used to demonstrate correct use.

Maine Driving Dynamics - 5 hours - $50

This course is recognized by the Maine Department of Highway Safety. The goal of the course is for participants to learn positive, safe driving habits. Discussion topics include the driving environment, “rules of the road,” conditions that affect safe driving, seat belts and child safety seats, road rage, and drinking and driving. Following successful completion of the course, the Secretary of State will award three driving credits. This course now includes information on transporting children safely. Topics include proper installation of car/booster seats, transporting children with special needs, uncontrollable behaviors and emergency situations. Maine Driving Dynamics is available upon request for groups of 5 or more ($250 minimum per class).

Nutrition - 2 hours - $50

This introductory class is designed for direct service professionals who are responsible for the preparation of well-balanced meals for consumers in residential care settings.  Topics covered include the food pyramid, portion control, food storage, and tips on shopping wisely.  The course format includes hands on activities to assist students in learning how to plan a day of nutritious meals. Nutrition training is available upon request for groups of 5 or more ($250 minimum per class).

Safety Care for Families - 3 hours/session - $25/session

Woodfords Family Services is pleased to offer Safety Care for Families, a training program for individuals living and working with family members who exhibit challenging behaviors. This innovative course provides parents/caregivers and others aged 18 and up with the skills and interventions needed to improve behavior and to prevent, minimize, and manage potentially dangerous incidents.   The Safety-Care for Families curriculum consists of four 3-hour sessions: Essential Skills Part 1, Essential Skills Part 2, Advanced Skills Part 1, and Advanced Skills Part 2.  Essential Skills sessions are presented in a lecture format, while Advanced Skills sessions are trained in a small group for individualized instruction.  To participate in any session, you must have attended each of the earlier ones (for example: you cannot attend Advanced Skills Part 1 without first attending Essential Skills Part 1 and Essential Skills Part 2).

Shared Living Medication Administration - 5 hours - $125

The Shared Living Medication Administration course is designed for people administering medications in Shared Living or Family-Centered Home Support settings funded under MaineCare section 21. The course is for the primary home provider as well as any others who administer medication only to the people living in the home. Anyone who is paid to administer medications in other settings is not eligible to take this course. This certification is valid for 2 years.

Behavioral Health Professional: Modules 2 - 12

The Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) Training is a 35-hour curriculum that is required for all staff working with children in MaineCare Sections 28 RCS and 65 HCT.  The BHP Training curriculum is available in both live and blended class format. For more information about this training, please visit the BHP Training & Certificate Program section of our website: BHP Program

CRMA Recertification - 8 hours - $85

This 8-hour class is designed for recertification of CRMA students who have completed the 24 or 40 hour CRMA course. Participants taking this course should already possess the ability to transcribe orders onto an MAR with 100% accuracy. The class will include demonstration of skills through a mock medication pass and a written exam. All students MUST bring a copy of their CRMA Bridge certificate, or a copy of their 24 or 40 hour CRMA certificate issued by the state and a current driver’s license or identification card. The CRMA Recertification Review class is recommended for all students prior to taking the Recertification class.

Child Passenger Safety for Child Care Providers - 2 hours - $295/class

Child Passenger Safety addresses the essential elements of safe transportation for all children. In Maine, more than 90% of children are at risk because of safety seat installation errors. When used properly, child safety seats can reduce the risk to children by as much as 71%. Course includes lecture, discussion, and hands-on installation practice. Child Passenger Safety is available upon request for groups of 5 or more. The cost of Child Passenger Safety is $295 per class for 5-15 students, $10 for each additional student over 15.

Cultural Competency & Family Dynamics - 2 hours - $50

This course was developed to provide information to individuals on how family dynamics and cultural practices can impact treatment planning and service delivery. The course will emphasize awareness of and sensitivity to the multiple facets of today’s Maine families. Cultural Competency & Family Dynamics is available upon request for groups of 5 or more ($250 minimum per class).

Health & Safety - 1.5 hours - $40

This course is designed to meet all the OSHA requirements for Health and Safety Training. Discussion topics include Blood borne Pathogens (Hepatitis, HIV), Fire Safety, Lifting Techniques, and Slip & Fall Prevention. Ergonomics training is also included and provides information that assists employees in planning their work areas to reduce muscle fatigue, strains, and repetitive motion injuries. Topics will include safe work practice, evaluation of work space, and stretching exercises.

Medication Administration - 2 hours - $295/class

This course is designed for anyone who is responsible for giving medication, but is not required to take the CRMA or Shared Living Medication Administration course.  Discussion topics include: internal, external, psychotropic and expired medication, dosage amounts, and proper charting and documentation.  Participants will learn classifications of medications, safe storage, disposal methods, and how to safely administer medications without contamination. Medication Administration training is available upon request for groups of 5 or more. The cost is $295 for 5-15 students, $10 for each additional student over 15.

Psychotropic Medication - 2 hours - $50

This course is designed to provide a general overview of psychotropic medications. Topics of the course include information on conditions that require psychotropic medications, an overview and history of common psychotropic medications, and possible syndromes and side effects that could result from these medications. Psychotropic Medications training is available upon request for groups of 5 or more ($250 minimum per class).

Sexuality & Personal Boundaries - 2 hours - $50

Discussing sexuality and personal boundaries with children can be difficult for the most seasoned parents.  It becomes even more challenging when dealing with children and adolescents with developmental disabilities.  However, regardless of cognitive abilities, sexuality cannot be controlled or contained.  This two hour training will provide participants with some basic tools and language to facilitate healthy discussions and education around sexuality and boundaries.  Participants will explore the “Circles” curriculum by Leslie Walker Hirsch & Marklyn Champagne, as well as other available resources for sexuality education. Sexuality & Personal Boundaries is available upon request for groups of 5 or more ($250 minimum per class).

Shared Living Medication Administration Recertification - 5 hours - $65

The Shared Living Medication Administration Recertification course is designed for people who were previously certified to administer medications in Shared Living or Family-Centered Home Support settings funded under MaineCare section 21 and need to recertify. Recertification is required every 2 years.