Therapeutic Foster Care

Woodfords provides treatment-level foster care to children age 3 to 21 years with developmental, emotional and/or medical disabilities who cannot reside with their biological family and who are in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

With the support of trained foster parents and Woodfords’ treatment team, children are offered guidance with behavioral, emotional, learning, psychological and social issues. The team works together in the best interest of the child, while promoting family reunification and life skills growth.

Become a Foster Parent


Why not today? A child enters foster care every two minutes across the country. You can make a difference in the life of a child in your own community today by becoming a foster parent.

Supports for Foster Parents

In addition to a daily stipend, Woodfords offers case management, in home support services, behavioral consultation, training, on-call help 24/7 and emotional support to foster families in a team approach to preserve placements. Foster families can connect with each other during quarterly meetings, support groups, trainings other Woodfords-sponsored activities.

Woodfords Foster Parent Eligibility

• Must enjoy working with children
• Must be 21+ years of age
• Must be in good physical and mental health
• Must possess effective parenting skills
• May be married or single
• May be working or retired
• May rent or own a home
• Must possess a willingness to work with birth parents, service providers and service agencies
• Must successfully complete introductory training
• Must have at least one year experience as family foster home parent or six months of work experience with children who have moderate to severe disabilities

FMI Contact

Amanda Berry
Recruitment & Licensing Coordinator
(207) 878-9663, x 4160


Therapeutic Foster Parent Application

“I am able to help a child know what it means to be safe and loved. Woodfords gives me the resources and support to do it.” – Heather Rumery, Foster Parent