School Based Services

Woodfords’ School Based Services program provides assessment and treatment of developmental, mental health and/or co-occurring disorders for children. Structured therapeutic services are designed to improve a child’s functioning of daily and community living. The program includes individual and group treatment, and therapeutic treatment oriented to develop a child’s emotional and physical capability in areas of interpersonal functioning. Services are provided as prescribed in the child’s Individual Treatment Plan (ITP). The child’s family is involved in treatment planning and service provision.

Treatment Team

Each child’s treatment team will include a Licensed or Conditionally Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Professional Counselor, a Behavior Health Professional (BHP) and may include a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The School Based Services program utilizes the principles and practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to assess and analyze a child’s behavior and functional limitations and utilizes this assessment to develop an individualized behavior plan targeting behaviors that interfere with a child’s success at school.

Eligibility & Referrals

A child must have MaineCare, meet Atrezzo authorization criteria for the service and require day treatment services as documented in their IEP and supported by educational evaluations.

The child must also have a significant functional impairment (defined as a substantial interference with or limitation of a child’s achievement or maintenance of 1 or more developmentally appropriate, social, behavioral, cognitive or adaptive skills); or have a completed evaluation establishing that the child has 2 standard deviations below the mean in one domain of development or 1.5 standard deviations below the mean in at least two areas of development on the Battelle, Bayley, Vineland, or other tools approved by DHHS and other clinical assessment information obtained from the child and family.

Referrals for this program typically come through a child’s Special Education Teacher.

FMI Contact

Nick Potts, MS, BCBA
Director of Rehabilitative & Community Support and School Based Services
(207) 878-9663, x 4176

Lori Griffiths
Director of Central Maine Programs
(207) 680-4790

“My child is thriving. Thank you Woodfords. Life continues to excel, thanks to the support you provide him and our family.”—Woodfords Parent