"The staff at Woodfords are angels who gave us–and especially our child–hope and encouragement during a very difficult time in our lives, and we will forever be grateful to them."

Early Childhood Services

Woodfords operates several preschools where children with autism, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, co-occuring mental health issues and other special needs learn skills to help them function successfully in home, school and community. Our curriculum and methods are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Instruction is in a typical preschool setting, where children play and learn with other children. Frequent field trips to libraries, museums and parks provide additional opportunities for learning. Some preschool programs also offer inclusion classrooms, where children with special needs learn alongside typically-developing peers.



The preschool program is designed for children 3 to 5 years old. Children with special needs typically receive a referral from Child Development Services (CDS), a pediatrician or other provider. Please contact us for more information or for more guidance about determining eligibility.

Typically-developing children do not need a specific referral, and can enroll directly through Woodfords Family Services.


Most children attend 5 days/week, for either full or half-days, based on the type of referral and the recommendations of the Early Childhood Team.



The preschools provide intensive instruction in:

· Cognitive skills
· Communication
· Play/leisure skills
· Pre-academics
· Reduction of unwanted behavior
· Self-help skills
· Social skills

Woodfords preschools are located in Topsham, Waterville and Westbrook. FMI, contact a program coordinator listed on the right.


Bob Barton
Director of Central Maine Programs
(207) 680-4790

Topsham Preschool
Lucy Lambert, Program Coordinator
(207) 869-8720  or  (207) 865-1993

Waterville Preschool
Carrie Campbell, M.Ed., Educational Director
(207) 859-8778

Westbrook Preschool

Charissa Fortier, LCSW, BCBA
(207) 878-9663, x 4204





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