An Adoption Home Study is required when a family wants to adopt and is therefore the first step to the adoption process. Woodfords Family Services provides a Home Study service to families.

Our desire is to partner with families and to help them realize their dream of adopting by providing the service of a completed home study. Our staff will walk you through each step of the adoption home study process and will provide you with the support and education needed.

Adoptive Families:
  • Come from all walks of life
  • Can be married or single
  • Are 21 years or older
  • Have reliable income
  • Are in good health
How Long does a Home Study take?

A home study will be completed in approximately two to three months.

What Does the Home Study Entail?
  • A home inspection
  • Indepth interviews with all family members
  • Background checks
  • Criminal, driving and CPS
  • Medical statements
  • Three (3) references

An Adoption Home Study costs $2,000.


Ellen Dorr
Director, Therapeutic Foster Care & Adoption Services
(207) 878-9663

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Did you know? “75.3 million Americans have considered adoption. If just 1 in 700 of these adults adopted, every waiting child in foster care would have a permanent family.”—Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption