Woodfords Wish List

Want to get involved? There are many ways you can support Woodfords today! Check back often, as our needs change regularly!

Opportunities for Community Inclusion

Donate Tickets, Passes or Gift Cards
People with disabilities and their families want what everyone wants, education and job opportunities, a safe place to live, friends and the opportunity to get out and be involved in the community. Community experiences provide consumers a chance to practice social skills, build their confidence navigating their community, a chance to use their words to get what they want—a cup of coffee or a ticket to a movie, a chance to socialize with friends in safety, a reward for a reaching a goal or chance to look forward to something in the near future!
Currently we are looking for the actual items below or funds to purchase them:

ο Movie Tickets for Two or More
ο Manicure Gift Certificates
ο Hair Cut Gift Certificates
ο Bowling Gift Certificates for Small or Large Group
ο Tickets to Sporting Events for Small or Large Group
ο Tickets to Theatre or Music Events for Small Group
ο Coffee House Gift Certificates
ο Restaurant Gift Certificates
ο Amusement Park Passes
ο Trampoline Park Passes
ο Clothing Retailer Gift Cards
ο YMCA Memberships

Case Management Family Emergency Fund

Make a donation of $5 or more!
This Fund supports the urgent needs of Woodfords’ consumers/families providing food, clothing, money for medication, safety equipment, taxi fare and other necessities.

Therapeutic Toys

Donate a toy or make a donation of $15-$25 to have one purchased.
These are toys that help children achieve goals such as developing fine and gross motor skills, increasing social awareness, and stimulating senses and promoting sensory integration. Toys are used in Woodfords’ three preschools, by clinical staff in consumer’s homes and sometimes loaned to families. At this time, we are in need of:

ο Fidget Toys for tactile input and relieving stress
ο Social Skills Tools for understanding emotions and learning to take turns
ο Gross Motor Skills Tools for developing balance, hand-eye coordination and strength

Scholarships for Safety Care for Families

Donate $50 or $100 to support a parent to enroll in the Essential Skills and/or Advance Skills Curricula.
Safety Care for Families provides parents, family members and caregivers with the skills, interventions and confidence needed to improve behavior and to prevent, minimize and manage potentially dangerous incidents when working with people with autism, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and possibly co-occurring mental health issues. The cost of attending is prohibitive for many families, especially if they would like to train more than one family member. This intensive course is taught by certified instructors and each curriculum is six hours of training over two days.

FMI Contact

Cathy McGuckin
Marketing & Development Associate
(207) 878-9663

Thank you to our 2017 Annual Corporate Sponsors: