Woodfords Staff Mark Eves

Mark Eves
Executive Director

Woodfords Staff Pete Plummer

Pete Plummer, MBA
Chief Operating Officer

Woodfords Staff Allyson Lowell

Allyson B. Lowell, LCSW
Director of Program Services

Woodfords Staff Kerry de Bree

Kerry de Bree, MBA
Director of Development

Woodfords Staff Cindi Palmer

Cindi Palmer
Director of Finance

Woodfords Staff Sandra Hayward

Sandra Hayward, MBA
Director of Quality Improvement

Susan Soto
Director of Human Resources

Woodfords Staff Stacy Lamontagne

Stacy N. Lamontagne, MBA
Director of Residential Services & Community Supports

Ellen Dorr
Director of Foster Care & Adoption Services

Woodfords Staff Nick Hammond

Nick Hammond, PhD, BCBA
Director of In Home Support and School Based Day Treatment

Woodfords Staff Bob Barton

Bob Barton
Director of Central Maine Programs

Woodfords Staff Doug Patrick

Doug Patrick, JD, LCSW
Director of Case Management & Behavioral Health Services

Abigail Keenan, MD
Medical Director of Psychiatry Services

Greg Klein
Director of Information Technology

Woodfords Staff Charissa Fortier

Charissa Fortier, LCSW, BCBA
Director of Early Childhood Services, Westbrook

Woodfords Staff Renee Freudenberger

Renée Freudenberger
Director of Training and Professional Development