SibShops Program

Sibshops is a free, monthly peer support group for the siblings of children with special needs. The program provides meaningful and fun opportunities for siblings to meet each other, interact with peers who share a unique bond, and learn from each other how to cope with challenging family situations.

Each month, Sibshop participants have the opportunity to express themselves, to share experiences, to participate in an activity that celebrates siblings as unique individuals, to find support in a relaxing setting and to share a meal. Additionally, children have the opportunity to take part in special events, field trips and long-term projects.

Sibshops is based on a national program model. There are currently more than 475 SibShops in eight countries.


Children ages 6 to 11 who have a brother or sister with a developmental or intellectual disability or mental health issue are eligible for Sibshops. The program is free to families.

Areas Served & Schedule

Sibshops are available through Woodfords in Manchester and Westbrook. The program runs throughout the school year meeting on the first Friday afternoon of the month in Central Maine and the second Friday afternoon of the month in Southern Maine.

FMI Contact

Joan Mansfield, M.Ed.
Children’s Case Manager
(207) 200-0177