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Supported Transitions to Kindergarten

Empowered families can have meaningful involvement in their child’s public school career. Informed and involved parents help to build a child's security and confidence in the classroom and at home.

Informed preschool teachers are able to effectively communicate the needs of their students to the public schools. Knowledgeable public school teachers and administrators can insure that incoming students are properly supported during their transition.

When stakeholders understand each other’s roles, children are supported and advocated for throughout the transition process.


Resources to Help Children with Special Needs Transition from Preschool to Kindergarten

The move from preschool to kindergarten is a big step for all children. Woodfords is pleased to offer an Early Childhood Transitions Curriculum to help children with special needs advance successfully from preschool to kindergarten. The curriculum was funded by IDEA Discretionary Funds, administered by the Maine Department of Education in conjunction with Child Development Services (CDS).

Use of the Transitions Curriculum

Sections of the curriculum are specifically designed for parents, educators and Child Development Services (CDS) staff, but the information is transferable to all individuals working to help children be successful in kindergarten settings.

The curriculum is meant to be shared and distributed widely. Download a copy of the curriculum and resource. Feel free to copy the paper and electronic versions of the curriculum. Feel free to link to this page or upload information onto your organization’s web site.

About the Early Childhood Transitions Project

An important goal of the three-year project was to increase proactive solutions to common transition challenges by offering all stakeholders the opportunity to share concerns, suggest improvements, better understand all stakeholders’ roles and participate in developing best-practice strategies to improve outcomes.

The curriculum is the culmination of a three-year project grant designed to develop training materials for the all those who come together to help children with special needs transition positively from preschool to kindergarten.

Partnering with Woodfords Family Services

Woodfords Family Services is committed to the support and inclusion of people with special needs and their families in Maine communities.  Reach out to Woodfords to support your family, school or organization in matters relating to early childhood transitions or the use and/or implementation of this curriculum. We are here to help and offer other kinds of training for parents, family members and professionals.

For ideas about how to use this curriculum or to schedule a training to assist your school incorporate the curriculum, contact Training Center Manager Renee Freudenberger, (207) 878-9663, x 4115.



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Early Childhood Transitions

Woodfords Family Services
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Download the full Supported Transitions to Kindergaren curriculum here! The zip file is 111 MB and may take a minute to download. This material is freely available so you may copy it and share it as you like.

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