Woodfords Family Services has been providing community-based services to people with special needs for 50 years.


Our vision for Mainers with special needs is that they may:

  • maximize their potential;
  • become appreciated, contributing members of their neighborhoods and communities;
  • lead a life allowing for choice;
  • develop positive, enriching relationships; and
  • live in safety and security.



To support this vision and the people that we serve, the agency is proud to offer a wide array of family support and educational services in Southern, Central and Midcoast Maine.

  • community case management for children, teens and adults;
  • preschools for children with special needs;
  • housing options for adults who cannot live independently including residential homes and shared living;
  • in home support services to assist children to become part of family and community life;
  • psychiatry services including medication management;
  • outpatient treatment;
  • home and community treatment;
  • training programs for professionals and parents;
  • peer support groups for children with siblings with special needs;
  • community supports program for adults with special needs that focuses on healthy lifestyle and community inclusion and service;
  • administration of a monthly activity night for adults with special needs;
  • therapeutic foster care; and
  • behavioral consultation.