Woodfords Family Services is a nonprofit organization committed to the support and inclusion of people with special needs and their families in Maine communities.


Woodfords Family Services is committed to supporting individuals with special needs and their families so that they may:

  • Maximize their potential;
  • Be productive and appreciated contributors to their neighborhoods and communities;
  • Have positive and enriching relationships;
  • Lead lives that are safe and secure; and
  • Lead lives allowing for choice.


As a provider of community based services to individuals with special needs and their families, Woodfords Family Services values:

  • Lifelong partnerships and advocacy with those we serve;
  • Respect for the diversity of the entire Woodfords community, including those providing and receiving services;
  • Well trained, professional and competent staff;
  • The provision of measurably effective, high quality, evidence-based and integrated services; and
  • The provision of support with commitment, compassion and understanding.

“We just felt like the weight of the world was taken off our shoulders coming into Woodfords. We knew this was the right place for all of us.”   
-Woodfords Parent